Why Choose Natural Childbirth?

Birth Center Stone Oak is a birth center in San Antonio that offers childbirth on your terms. Since we opened our doors, we have served hundreds of families throughout the region by providing options and choices in birth.

Our philosophy around birth is all about women taking back their bodiestheir choices, and how their families come into the world! We specialize in providing warm, family-friendly care in a natural setting. We believe that natural childbirth brings families together in ways they can’t imagine. It is important to note that no matter how you give birth, it is beautiful and wonderful. Here when we are referring to the term natural childbirth, we are referencing vaginal childbirth without pharmaceutical pain relief or other medical interventions.

Choosing to give birth naturally does not mean that certain interventions will not be needed or that complications will not occur. Instead, it is about preparing and supporting women in their ability to give birth. A woman who feels supported, informed, and respected will embrace her journey through birth with empowerment, excitement, and satisfaction no matter where or how they deliver their baby.

If you are still considering all of your options, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider natural childbirth! 

  • Decreases Risky Interventions
  • Ability to Change Birthing Positions Throughout Labor
    • The most optimal way to give birth is to support the physiologic process. The most common natural way to deliver a baby is in an upright position. The gravity helps pull the baby down the birth canal, and having the ability to change positions helps many mothers cope with the pain of labor.
  • Ability to Bond and Breastfeed Right After Birth
    • The first hour after birth is an integral moment for both mother and baby and is known as the “golden hour.” Skin-to-skin contact can promote strong bonds between the two and is linked to breastfeeding success rates.
  • Faster Recovery After Birth
    • Every labor is different, but most women find they feel significantly better after an unmedicated birth because of the release of natural hormones like oxytocin. These endorphins help women feel a sense of euphoria which aids in recovery.

We are ready to walk this amazing journey with you and your family. If you want to learn more about our services and start your prenatal care, send us a message!