Newborn Screening

Continuity of care is the foundation for the Midwives Model of Care. That means that postpartum care begins immediately after the birth of your baby here at Birth Center Stone Oak. Required exams on mom and baby are performed together so as not to interrupt the bonding process after birth. There are also newborn screenings and tests that we perform at your postpartum visits to ensure the health and safety of your baby!

Metabolic Newborn Screening

Newborn screening tests look for serious developmental, genetic, and metabolic conditions that would not necessarily be easy to detect in a newborn baby. One of the tests that the state of Texas requires that we perform is the metabolic newborn screening. During this test, we do a quick heel poke on the baby at the 24-48 hour postpartum visit and then again at the two-week visit. We are then able to test their blood to see if they have a disorder or defect in the way their body breaks down food, absorbs nutrients, or handles enzymes.

Some of the conditions that can we look for are phenylketonuria (PKU) or hypothyroidism. It is important to screen for this early so parents are able to make lifestyle changes that are necessary for the growth and development of their baby. By making a few dietary changes, your child will be able to cope with the disorder and live a healthy life!

Newborn Hearing Screening

We also offer newborn hearing screenings to our families. Newborn hearing screenings are critical in the early detection of potential hearing issues with your baby. Screenings have become an essential facet of newborn care, with long-range benefits to your baby’s speech and language development. The tests are safe and comfortable for your baby and only take minutes to perform.

Our price for newborn hearing screening is typically lower than what you will pay at a pediatrician’s office, and we can do everything from our office, making the process simple and easy for you! Newborn hearing screens are considered preventative care and are generally reimbursed by your insurance.

Infant Weight Checks

Another option we provide for our families is infant weight checks. Tracking a newborn’s weight throughout the first few weeks and months allows care providers to monitor the baby’s general health and development. Infant weight checks may help ease some of those new parents’ nerves surrounding their baby’s weight gain or weight loss. Weight checks are complimentary and available to all of our clients!


If you would like to set up an appointment for our newborn hearing screening or weight checks, please call 210-481-7549 to schedule.