Birth Centers are Out of Hospital

Birth Center Stone Oak is a standalone facility staffed with midwives. We offer prenatal care, birth support and postpartum care for low risk moms all in the same building.

Birth Centers Have Low Intervention

As a nonmedical facility, Birth Center Stone Oak does not offer pain medications but do offer a wide variety of other options to help manage labor. Those options include a deep soaking tub for laboring and/or delivery, free range of movement and ability to change positions as you please, and intermittent monitoring. Because of these things we boast very low intervention and cesarean section rates.

Birth Centers are Family Friendly

Not only do birth centers “allow” family members to attend prenatals and births but we promote it! Having a baby is a family experience and we want all of your support members to be there for you.

Birth Centers are Nutrition Based

Midwives at birth centers recognize the importance of proper nutrition and exercise during your pregnancy and will advocate and monitor both throughout your pregnancy. This carries into labor as we also promote eating and drinking during labor in order to give your body the energy and fuel it needs.

Birth Centers Offer Private and Personalized Care

With 45-90 minute long prenatal appointments of face-to-face time with your provider it’s hard not to build a strong relationship with your midwife. Birth Center Stone Oak allows this time because we believe that this relationship is important in that it is the basis of support during one of the most important events of your life; the birth of your child. In addition to longer and more personal appointments our care extends far beyond taking vitals and measuring the baby. We offer much more support through the postpartum period to include home visits and basic lactation support. If an issue arises that is out of our scope (ex. lactation difficulties or postpartum depression) we can refer you to one of our long term partners.

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