Birth Center Stone Oak offers 7 ways to reduce labor pain for a safe and natural birth.


Changing positions and moving around not only helps reduce pain but it can also help to speed labor. Movement helps the baby to get in the optimal position for birth thus making the work easier on your uterus, which is trying to do the same thing. Also throughout your labor different positions may be more comfortable through the differing phases of labor.


Get in the water! The weightlessness you experience when submersed in a tub is one of the absolute best ways to help relax the body so that it may do its work. Water allows for free movement and helps take the weight of your belly off of your back.


Many of the best childbirth education methods such as the Bradley Method, Lamaze and Hypnobirthing rely on breathing as a way to relax the body. Other methods include using music or visualization. Tensing up makes contractions much tougher to deal with.


Labor can be hard work so you do not want to deprive your body of its basic needs such as food and water. Proper hydration and snacks help to give mom the energy she needs to labor and deliver her baby.


As many second time moms know, labor can be long so it is important to rest in early labor. As long as it is possible to relax through contractions or while contractions are still spaced apart you need to take advantage of that time available to rest and preserve your energy.


Touch is an incredible thing; whether it’s through light massage or deep tissue massage it can help a mom to cope through contractions. From gentle stroking across a mom’s belly to more intense pressure on the lower back, a laboring woman will appreciate this physical support from their birth partner.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can help to provide relaxation and focus through direct application or through aromatherapy. There are many oils that can even help throughout pregnancy.

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