Prenatal Yoga in San Antonio |

Yoga has never been more popular than it is now in the Western world. As more studies prove the benefits of a regular yoga practice, it turns out that yoga can also benefit the expectant mother. Most women can safely practice prenatal yoga during pregnancy, but any pregnant woman should clear the practice with her midwife or doctor before starting. Once you are cleared for taking prenatal yoga in San Antonio at the Birth Center Stone Oak, you may enjoy some of the following benefits of prenatal yoga

Breath Connection
Moms-to-be learn how to breathe deeply in prenatal yoga. When this state of deep relaxation is induced, the baby benefits as well. The deep breathing that is practiced in prenatal yoga relieves stress and anxiety and improves sleep.

Increased Flexibility
Gentle stretching and the opening of the hips and pelvic floor muscles prepare the body to yield to the baby’s passage. The practice of regular modified squatting in prenatal yoga opens the pelvic outlet.

Mental & Physical Strength
Yoga poses for prenatal students test their strength and breath in preparation for their journey through labor. Also, these exercises help to strengthen the legs for pushing.

Reduction of Pregnancy Aches
Certain yoga poses may alleviate some of the common aches and pains of pregnancy, such as headaches, low back pain, and achy feet.