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Pregnancy and giving birth are surrounded by myths and misinformation. Most women’s health experts agree on the following myths and debunk them with certainty.

It’s Time to Go If the Mucus Plug Discharges
The mucus plug is built around the cervix to protect the uterus from bacteria. When the cervix dilates, the plug is discharged, but it may still be days or even weeks before the contractions begin.

Women with Wide Hips Have Easy Deliveries
There is no more space for the baby to pass through a woman with wide hips. The external shape of a woman’s curves is not related to the pelvis proportions inside.

Cesarean Sections Are Less Painful Than Vaginal Births
A C-section is major abdominal surgery. There is discomfort during the delivery, pain afterward, as well as post-operative recovery time and a scar.

Heartburn During Pregnancy Means Baby Has a Lot of Hair
Heartburn is a common discomfort during pregnancy.  However, there are many natural ways to reduce it.  Some moms with heartburn have very cute babies born with no hair.

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