Take a Tour at Birth Center Stone Oak

Being prepared is an important part of having the birth you desire! That includes thinking about your birth before it happens.

How do you envision your birth? Will the location of your birth support that vision? Can you see your choices being respected and supported? 

These are all great questions to ask yourself from the very beginning. If you are interested in natural birth, the next step is to take a tour and get to know the philosophy of the birth center.

When you come in for a Meet the Midwife Q&A & Tour at Birth Center Stone Oak, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome by Joi Brock, our Clinical Director, or another of our fantastic midwives. We will sit down with you to discuss your birth wishes and answer any and all questions you have. Birth Center Stone Oak is here to support families looking for another option outside of hospital birth. While every birth is unique, our Meet the Midwife Q&A Session & Tour will walk you through the journey of care during pregnancy to 6 weeks postpartum for you and your baby.

Our center is designed by mothers for mothers to make it feel like home. We offer a comfortable, tranquil environment ready to welcome your new baby into this world.

Our Rooms: 

Birthing Tubs:

Waiting Room: 

Exam Room: 

Class Room:

Along with a gorgeous center set up to meet all of your specific needs, you can expect: 
  • Personal private care
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Your birth wishes respected
  • Nurturing alternative choices for families
  • Midwives with experience and background
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Patient education
  • Holistic care – emotional, spiritual, and physical
  • Answers to your specific questions


Birth Center Stone Oak would be honored to be your choice in bringing your bundle of joy into the world! Ready to schedule your tour?