Natural Coping Techniques for Labor

There are many differences between a birth center birth and a hospital birth. While we focus on natural methods of pain management during labor instead of medical options, we also focus on many other comfort measures such as offering a real bed instead of a hospital gurney.

You’d be surprised at how many natural coping techniques exist that can effectively help you cope with labor!

Natural Ways You Can Cope With Labor

Laboring in warm water during the initial stages of your labor is becoming increasingly popular with natural birth enthusiasts!

It helps relax your pelvic musculature and joints which in turn makes it easier for your pelvis to expand as you’re dilating for labor to make room for your baby to make their exit.

Being underwater also reduces some of the gravitational pull from your lower back joints which helps ease the pain that most women develop during later stages of their labor and also allows you to sit/lie in a comfortable position that you may not find on a bed.

Some people also find that being underwater helps alleviate their anxiety and allows them to relax.

Nitrous oxide is a pain relief medication that is usually administered in an inhaled form. It allows for patient-controlled anesthesia meaning you can control the amount that you’re receiving.

Your healthcare provider explains the entire procedure to you and then you can inhale the drug as per your need for pain relief.

Aromatherapy or essential oils have been used for centuries as an alternative to medication for pain relief and relaxation.

Different essential oils carry different benefits and most can be safely used during labor.

  • Lavender oil promotes relaxation while eliminating feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Peppermint oil helps ease labor-associated nausea.
  • Jasmine oil can help promote feelings of well-being while also evoking feelings of joy and confidence, which may help in preventing postpartum blues.

However, always get the final approval from your healthcare provider before starting anything!

Never underestimate the power of positive affirmations! Try meditating and repeating positive mantras during the initial stages of your labor.

This helps alleviate some of the anxiety that you feel and also builds confidence that will eventually help you get through labor.

Try breathing exercises while you meditate to help control your heart rate. Your labor progresses more smoothly when your body is relaxed.

While those are some of the natural ways you can deal with labor pains, always remember that you can try your own ideas and ask your midwife for any help should you need it at any point.