5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Wondering if you might be pregnant? Here are 5 early signs of pregnancy to look out for:

1. Missed Period 

A missed period is often the first thing that might raise suspicion about pregnancy. If you haven’t had your period 1-2 weeks over when it is due, you might be pregnant if you have been sexually active in the last few weeks.

2. Tender And Swollen Breasts

Breast changes appear early on for a lot of women. This is mainly due to a hormonal influence that increases blood supply to the breast tissue which causes engorgement of the breast tissue. This may cause your breasts to feel heavy and tender.

3. Nausea And Morning Sickness

Nausea and morning sickness are relatively common during pregnancy. This is due to a surge in pregnancy hormones which are important to retain and support your pregnancy.

Many women feel sick most mornings during the first trimester while some may have an increased aversion to food like meat or certain smells that trigger nausea.

4. Fatigue

Feeling increasingly tired and lethargic during the first trimester is super common. This is because there is an increased nutritional and metabolic demand for the body.

Your body is working hard to sustain two bodies at once, which translates into fatigue and lethargy, especially during the initial days.

5. Bloating And Constipation

A lot of your blood supply to the gut slows down to facilitate the transfer of nutrients from your body to the baby. This slowed blood supply leads to slowing of digestion which may lead to bloating and constipation.