1. Hand sanitizer.. and lots of it

The most wonderful time of the year is also unfortunately cold and flu season. We recommend carrying lots of pocket size hand sanitizer in purses and diaper bags and keeping larger pump style ones around the house.

2. Don’t fret too much about baby’s schedule

With all the traveling, dinners and parties the baby is likely to get “off schedule”. Take it in stride, this is baby’s first Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year/Etc. so take the time to cherish it.

3. Activities for siblings

With the hustle bustle of traveling or visiting family the baby may need more attention than usual. Try and designate some little activities (like felt Christmas trees) or pack coloring books and stickers in the diaper bag to keep older siblings preoccupied.

4. Wear your baby
Baby wearing is a wonderful thing and an absolute life saver when you’re busy with cooking, shopping and traveling. It keeps baby close, warm, and away from germy fingers.

5.  Shop on line
Thank God for Amazon, am I right? If you can avoid the germs, lines and potential chaos of holiday shopping take advantage of online shopping whenever possible.

6. Cut time in the kitchen
This year, buy pre-made food. You can blow all your friends away with your enviable Pinterest-y chef skills next year. Or next decade. But this year, take it easy on yourself.