Can You Nickname It?

Try and brainstorm some shortened versions of the name before choosing it. If you can’t come up with anything you like then it may not be the right name for your sweet bundle of joy.

Family Pressure?

Get creative! Ask about any great grandparent names that you didn’t know, or consider using the middle names of family members. That way you have family involvement without being forced into a name you don’t prefer!

Consider the Last Name

Syllable counting is no joke. The way a name flows from first to last can be significant.  Also if the last name is a long and complicated one then consider a shorter or easier to pronounce first name so the kid won’t have to be spelling out their ENTIRE name every time they meet someone new.

Bring Out Some History

If you’re stumped on good name ideas consider researching popular names in a country where you or your spouse’s family has history. You could stumble across some unique yet significant monikers.

Stuck in the Middle

There are moving trends with middle names and the main rule is, there are no rules. Fighting with your significant other over a middle name? Use both! Not inspired by a middle name? Don’t use one!

Go with Your Gut

In love with a name that breaks all the rules? Use it anyway. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows that sweet baby best.


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