You like midwifery style of pregnancy care better.

A midwife is more likely to be your partner in your care, rather than the director. She asks you to take part in your care. By following the midwifery model of care, providers build closer relationships with their clients that last far beyond birth.

You’re a low-risk woman.

The majority of women are low-risk which opens up the doors to non traditional maternity care. Midwives are trained to be the “experts of normal” and are quick to realize if you have stepped outside those bounds during your pregnancy. Another benefit of midwifery care is that midwives are trained to educate you on how to stay healthy and low risk by making healthy choices.

You want a natural birth.

Midwives have much lower intervention rates, such as lower cesarean rates. Your midwife has plenty of ways to help you cope with pregnancy and labor that don’t involve medications when they aren’t needed. Your midwife will also spend more time with you in labor and through your immediate postpartum.

You enjoy longer prenatal care visits.

On average you will have more time with your midwife. For example, at our facility we block at least 45 minutes for face to face time between our clients and midwives. This is great not only to get to know each other but for her to answer your questions thoroughly and explain what is going on. By building this relationship it greatly reduces anxiety for women throughout their pregnancy.

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