Baby Massage 101

Ready, Set, Relax! And yes, we mean for your baby! Massage is perfect for adults to help them reset and feel better, but it is also beneficial for your little ones. On top of the health benefits of infant massage, it is also a fantastic way for you to bond with your baby and leave them feeling confident and happier.

Baby massage can help stimulate the circulatory and digestive systems in your little ones, helping them with common conditions like gas, cramps, colic, and constipation. Baby Massage can also help them relax, which will improve their sleep patterns, increase their flexibility, and help them feel calmer and less stressed. Talk about a win-win – because that means more time for relaxation and sleeping for you too! 😉

How do I massage my baby?

  • Grab your favorite lotion or oil to get started.
  • Start at your baby’s feet. Gently rub your baby’s foot and then move up their leg in a circular motion. Repeat on both sides.
  • When you get to the tummy, make sure you massage in a clockwise motion to avoid pushing gas back into their stomach.
  • Continue up to their arms and stroke their arms in an upward motion from the shoulder to the wrist.
  • When massaging their face, start in the middle of the forehead and gently push down.
  • Massaging their gums can be very soothing, especially when they are teething.
  • Don’t forget to flip your baby on their tummy and go down their back, butt, and legs!


If you still have some time before your due date and want a massage for yourself, we offer prenatal massage through Abundant Life Chiropractic. Prenatal massage benefits are similar to the benefits of baby massage. If you are having trouble relaxing, sleeping, and easing your aches and pains, prenatal massage might help you! Appointments are required and available to our clients. Please call 210-434-5772 for insurance questions, fees, and scheduling.