Postpartum Depression in San Antonio |

When it’s time to plan for your baby’s arrival there are many choices to make, including the health care professional you wish to have deliver your baby. While a traditional OB-GYN may be a common choice, today, more and more expectant moms are turning to a midwife for their pregnancy and birth care.

A midwife is a licensed health care professional who provides services for women during their child-bearing years.

While choosing your care provider for preconception, pregnancy, birth, and beyond is a personal choice and can vary widely depending on medical history and risk factors, one of the main benefits and reasons women decide to use a midwife is to experience childbirth as naturally as possible. However, if situations should arise that are outside the scope of their services, you can be assured that midwives routinely consult with obstetricians, perinatologists, and other healthcare professionals, and will refer women to appropriate medical professionals if the need arises.

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