Preparing for Labor at Birth Center Stone Oak

Everyone likes to feel prepared no matter what the occasion might be. And when it comes to pregnancy and labor, preparation is key to success! Preparing for labor helps mothers and families feel more comfortable and calm about what lies ahead and allows them to focus on what is most important at that given time.

If you are in the beginning stages of preparing for your labor, you probably have a lot of questions about what to actually prepare. We have rounded up a few of our FAQs surrounding labor and birth to help you plan, pack, and prepare for this monumental moment in your life!

Labor FAQ: What should I bring?

You might think that you need to bring all sorts of things with you to the birth center, but really the true essentials are pretty small. Birth Center Stone Oak supplies many of the necessities surrounding your care. The only thing that is required is a car seat, and you can’t leave the birth center without one. Other than that, it is all up to you! We recommend families bring some of their favorite snacks and drinks (we provide apple juice and water) and other things to make the space feel exactly how you want it to feel.

Labor FAQ: What should I wear?

Again, this is very much up to you and your comfort! We encourage our moms to wear a sports bra if they are going to be utilizing the birth tub. T-shirts can get very heavy and cold when wet so sports bras or swimsuit tops tend to work out best. Some laboring moms wear their comfiest pair of sweats, robe, or nothing at all. Whatever you feel is best for you at that moment is good with us! One thing we like to recommend is that slip-on shoes are always helpful for ease and comfort after birth.

Labor FAQ: What should I eat?

Labor is a big physical event, and there are several factors that can help it be easier like eating the right foods! We believe in nourishing your body in natural ways so you aren’t stuck to an IV and are able to move around freely. You should look for foods that are full of good protein and/or complex carbohydrates like Greek yogurt, cheese, multigrain bread, or crackers, and oatmeal. Protein and complex carbs will give you the strength you need for labor!

Labor FAQ: When should I come in?

Usually, it’s a combination of a few things that will tell you the right time to come into the birth center. We tell our clients to look for your frequency of contractions, which should be around 4-5 minutes apart, lasting for a minute or more, for around an hour or more time. The right time to come in will differ from person to person depending on location and proximity to the birth center if your water breaks, and other factors such as this. When in doubt or if you are unsure, our clients will call or text directly with their midwife to arrange the right time for them!

If you have more questions around how to best prepare for your birth at Birth Center Stone Oak, send us a message or give us a call at 210-481-7549.