Prenatal Chiropractic Benefits

Did you know that chiropractic care can make for easier pregnancies? During pregnancy, the body is undergoing a lot of changes which can result in misalignment in the pelvis and spine. This usually means pain and general discomfort for the mother. Chiropractic care is a great way to treat that discomfort and provide fewer complications during delivery. Several studies show that women who receive regular chiropractic care have better outcomes during gestation and delivery.

Many chiropractors are trained to treat pregnant women, but some will have specializations in this area. Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct joint dysfunctions by applying gentle, targeted movements to the body’s spinal column and extremities, restoring proper joint function and nerve communication throughout the body. Chiropractors well-versed in prenatal chiropractic care use a special chiropractic table that is adjusted for the physical changes that occur during pregnancy in the female body. Additionally, during these sessions, women will typically lay on their sides as opposed to their backs for optimum health for the mother and baby.

With chiropractic care during pregnancy, you can expect to experience many benefits, including:
  •     Pelvic balance and alignment and overall body balance
  •     Controlled symptoms of nausea
  •     Improved comfort during pregnancy
  •     Potential reduction of labor and birth
  •     Relief of back, neck or joint pain
  •     Reduction of stress on your uterus
  •     Optimal fetal positioning

The two biggest benefits one can expect from prenatal chiropractic care are restoring pelvic balance and maximizing room for the baby inside the womb. Birth Center Stone Oak offers prenatal chiropractic services through Abundant Life Chiropractic. Angelina Artho D.C. has been a chiropractor for more than 10 years, and loves to provide natural chiropractic care, especially to babies, children, and pregnant women.

Prenatal chiropractic care is about more than just pain relief; it’s about keeping your body working the way it should for both you and your baby’s well-being. For our availability or to ask any questions regarding fees or scheduling, please give us a call at 210-434-5772.