Making a choice about which healthcare provider to work with during your pregnancy is such an important one. You shouldn’t choose a doctor because that’s who everyone else sees or give birth in a particular hospital because that’s where everyone else goes. This is an extremely personal choice that you should make after lots of thought and research.

When considering a midwife as your medical care provider, it’s important to interview several prospects to ensure you feel comfortable with the person you choose and that their medical philosophy aligns with your goals. Asking a midwife about these key issues will ensure you find a good fit for you, your baby, and your partner.

  1. What type of certification do they have?
  2. Are they licensed by the state you are in?
  3. Are they affiliated with a birthing center, medical practice, or hospital?
  4. What type of experience do they have in the setting you prefer to deliver in?
  5. What does prenatal care with them look like?
  6. What happens if there’s a complication during your pregnancy?
  7. Who do you consult with if you have complications?
  8. How do they manage pain during delivery?
  9. How are emergencies and after-hour calls handled?
  10. How are you and your baby cared for postpartum?

No matter who you choose to oversee your care, it’s important to choose a medical care professional who you feel comfortable with and confident in. The midwives at Birth Center Stone Oak are happy to meet with you one-on-one to answer the questions you have. Take a tour of our center to view our birthing suits and to learn more about all of our in-house services, including massage therapy, prenatal yoga classes in San Antonio, and childbirth education classes.