How To Labor At Home

At Birth Center Stone Oak, our moms labor at home for as long as they feel comfortable to do so because it allows them to be in the comfort of their home longer. Once you have progressed into active labor, then it is time to come into the birth center!

What Is Laboring At Home?

Laboring at home does not mean having a home birth. It refers to spending most of the early time of your labor at home instead of going to the birth center right away. The timing will be different for everyone, but you will have the guidance of your midwife to help inform the timing of your labor.

Who Can Labor At Home?

While the idea may seem appealing, it’s unfortunately not suitable for everyone. You can only labor at home if you’ve had a previously normal, healthy pregnancy and you have no risk factors that might prevent you from laboring at home.

Things that put you at risk for pregnancy-related complications include:

  • Diabetes during or before pregnancy
  • A history of having high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia during pregnancy
  • Having twins or higher multiples
  • Having a low-lying placenta
  • Having a breech baby
  • Having a heart disease
  • Having kidney disease
  • History of having a previous C-section

If you have any of the above risk factors, it’s best to ask your healthcare provider regarding your birthing options.

Why Labor At Home?

If it’s safe for you, you can choose to labor at home for a number of reasons. These include:

  • More comfort from being in a familiar environment
  • Can have your favorite things around for comfort
  • Can have family members around if you want
  • You have access to your favorite snacks and music at home
  • You have more time to prepare yourself to go to the birth center

How To Care For Yourself At Home

The idea is to stay as comfortable as possible while you labor at home. Make sure you have someone around, maybe your doula, partner, friends, or mother, who can assist you during this time. Here are some things you can do while you labor at home:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Have a light snack if you feel up to it
  • Prepare your bag and things that you’ll need to take to the birth center with you
  • Try breathing exercises to deal with the pain
  • If you can, you can try some yoga poses to help ease the pain
  • Keep track of your contractions

How To Know When To Go In

You should go as soon as your contractions begin to get stronger and are less time apart. Your midwife will guide you through the timing to help you arrive at the birth center at the right time.