How Do I Know When I Am in Labor?

Fear often comes from the unknown. That is why all mommas have a variety of fears surrounding labor. They want to know how to tell if they are in labor, what they should do when it happens, and most importantly, they want to know if they are supported. While each labor experience is different and labor can start many different ways, there are a few signs that can help you in determining if you are in active labor.

Labor Signs:

  • Baby may become slightly less active
  • Lightening or “dropping” of the baby down into the pelvis
  • Weight loss
  • Bursts of energy or “nesting”
  • Rupture of membranes or “water breaking”
  • Regular contractions
  • Increased discharge
  • Effacement and dilation of the cervix

*Disclaimer: some of these signals of the beginning of labor are similar to more serious symptoms of health. Be sure to discuss all changes or concerns with your healthcare provider*

Even with these signs, it can be hard to know if it’s the real deal or if you are experiencing false labor. At Birth Center Stone Oak, we have a solution to help our mothers feel more comfortable and confident with the labor process. When you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, we will find your contact midwife. That is the person you are going to call when you think something might be going on. It is an open line of communication with you and your midwife, so you are never going through your pregnancy and labor alone. If you have any questions or concerns, you can text or call your contact midwife and talk to them about what is going on, and then together you can decide if it is time for you to come into the birth center to get assessed.

We always try our best to help eliminate fears and questions about birth so that our mommas feel supported, comfortable, and cared for to help make their natural birthing experience an unforgettable memory. If you have more questions about labor or are interested in learning more about our care send us a message!