As an expectant mama, you’ve likely heard about the many advantages of breastfeeding your baby. We know this is a very personal choice, and one you’re giving a great deal of thought. But have you also considered how beneficial breastfeeding is for you, too?

Breastfeeding Helps the Uterus Contract
During pregnancy, your uterus grows immensely, expanding from the size of a pear to filling almost the entire space of your abdomen. After delivery, your uterus goes through a process called involution, which helps it return to its previous size. Oxytocin, a hormone that increases throughout pregnancy, helps drive this process. Oxytocin also increases during breastfeeding. It encourages uterine contractions and reduces bleeding, helping the uterus return to its previous size.

Breastfeeding Reduces Your Disease Risk
Studies show that breastfeeding may provide the mother with long-term protection against cancer and several diseases. Additionally, the total time a woman spends breastfeeding is linked with a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Studies also indicate that breastfeeding may protect against metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, and other health problems.

Breastfeeding May Lower A Mothers Risk of Depression
Postpartum depression can develop shortly after childbirth, affecting anywhere from 15-20% of mothers. As a result of breastfeeding, moms have an increased amount of oxytocin in their system, which has long-term anti-anxiety effects, reducing the likelihood of postpartum depression in San Antonio, and encourages relaxation.

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