Belly Bands in Pregnancy

Thanks to modern-day innovation, there are so many accessories that make pregnancy so much easier for women. There are the famous pregnancy pillows, pregnancy wristbands, and also pregnancy belly bands.

What is the purpose of a pregnancy belly band?

pregnancy belly band is a device that is designed to support the lower back and the abdomen during pregnancy. They are flexible support garments that help women stay up and about in the later weeks of their pregnancy without bearing the growing pains.

While growing pains or round ligament pains are normal during pregnancy, with all of the new products, there are ways to help deal with them. Belly bands help alleviate some of the pain while providing additional support to help you stay active.

These bands also provide gentle compression around your baby bump so you don’t feel the weight of it moving around when you’re walking or running, making the experience a lot more comfortable.

When should you start wearing a belly band when pregnant?

You can start wearing a belly band whenever you start feeling the need to wear one. However, most women tend to start wearing it after the 20-week mark. You can start wearing one sooner or later if you feel like you need the additional support.

Are belly bands safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy bands are usually safe to use during pregnancy, but it’s always better to ask your healthcare provider before you start using them. Because these bands have a compressive effect on your belly, you should be cautious to not wear them for more than 2-3 hours at a time.

Since it’s compressive, it is possible to affect the baby’s heart rate, cause muscle weakness, and skin irritation or rash due to prolonged wearing.