Advice For Expecting Parents

Expecting a baby soon? It’s natural to feel a little scared along with all the happiness and anticipation. Taking care of a baby is a full-time job and not always an easy one at that. But there are always things you can do to make life a bit easier for yourself and your partner.

Here is some advice we gathered up for expecting parents:

Take Some Classes

No one learns how to be a parent naturally. Everyone learns from experience and observation of parents around them. A better, more effective way to prepare yourself for childcare is by taking childbirth education and parenting classes.

Parenting classes are conducted by trained individuals who educate you about strategies for child care. This includes a guide on handling basic situations like dirty diapers, crying baby, and bathing a baby.

Some classes also cover how you can take care of yourself along with your baby. They may also teach parenting styles and what you can do in certain situations.

These classes really help parents feel more prepared and confident in their ability to handle their baby when it arrives.

Be Flexible

There is no fixed list of rules you need to follow while parenting. The more you commit to a set of rules, the harder it’s going to be for you to adjust. Babies are surprising little creatures that are growing every second of the day; you need to take a breather and grow with them!

Yes, routine is important, but so is flexibility. Allow your baby to discover what works for them and also works for you. For example, when it comes to bathing, you don’t necessarily have to follow what a certain baby book says. Instead, you can try different timings, different techniques, and even different products to see what your baby likes best.

In other words, just go with the flow! Everything will fall into place.

Trust Yourself

There are always a ton of conflicting theories on the best way to parent. Some people will swear by something that works for them while others will advise you against it.

The actual best advice: always trust your gut and do what you think is best for your baby and yourself. It’s natural to question your choices as a first-time parent. But just know that everyone learns from being a new parent at first, no one is born into it!

As a parent, you’ll always do what’s in the best interest of your baby, so feel confident in making that choice and it will work out!

Sleep When Your Baby Does

There seems to be some kind of guilt attached to sleeping while looking after your baby. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a parent, you’re supposed to take care of yourself too! Because you can only take care of someone else if you’re alright yourself.

So take every little chance you get to sleep! Sleep when your baby sleeps; it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of an afternoon or at 5 in the evening. Sleep when someone else is taking care of your baby, or sleep when your partner offers to look after the baby. Simply put, just don’t miss any chances you get to sleep or you’ll regret it later!

Help Take Care Of Each Other

Lean on your partner or on whoever you rely on to help you with your baby. You need to work as a team for things to work out properly. It’s very important that you and your partner talk about things beforehand and figure out a way to help each other while taking care of the baby.

Divide the tasks, take turns looking after the baby, alternate the night shifts, and most importantly, take some time out for yourselves too! Get a family member or babysitter to watch the baby while you step out for a dinner date or just to hang out and cuddle on the couch.

Remember that you’re in this together and you need to have each other’s backs for things to go smoothly.

Ask For Help

Parents often feel pressured into handling everything on their own, but that will only result in exhaustion and burnout! Instead, feel free to ask your parents, friends, and anyone else for help when you need it.

It doesn’t have to be babysitting help only. Sometimes you can ask family or friends to get you groceries when you can’t, come with you to doctor appointments, help clean your place when you can’t, and possibly run some other errands for you.


Just don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your family and friends are more than likely wishing to help you out, and no one expects you to do everything on your own. Even if you don’t have family or friends around, hire someone for the job! You deserve the break.