Bringing home your newborn baby is such an exciting time and newborn babies need surprisingly less than you may think. These tiny humans require only a few simple items despite what baby registries may lead you to believe. Here is a list of the top baby items needed to bring home your new bundle of joy:

5 Simple Items for Your Newborn

  1. Somewhere to sleep: Holding a sleeping newborn is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world but eventually you will need to set that baby down somewhere. Pack n plays or cribs work great.
  2. A way to feed the baby: If you’re planning to breastfeed then this item is already taken care of. If you’re planning to bottle feed be sure to stock up on some formula and slow flow bottles
  3. Blankets: A few thin ones for swaddling and a couple thick ones to help keep your baby warm in those early weeks (especially during fall or winter).
  4. Onesies: “Sleep n play” onesies are great, especially the ones with the flip down mittens. They’re the one stop shop of baby clothes
  5. Diapers: Lots and lots of these. If you plan to cloth diaper we recommend you use disposables until the meconium phase is over, it’s very hard to wash out!

*Bonus: A small bouncer that can move around the house with you*

As babies grow you’ll want different things around the house (ex. walker, toys, etc.) but the first weeks are simpler than you think!

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