5 Questions To Ask Your Midwife Before Labor & Delivery

If you are looking for an ideal way to experience natural childbirth, Birth Center Stone Oak is the place to do it! A woman who feels supported, informed, and respected will embrace her journey through birth with empowerment, excitement, and satisfaction. We are committed to making sure our clients are educated and prepared for their labor and delivery. That means being there to answer all of their questions or concerns. Our prenatal appointments are a time for learning, asking questions, and preparing for parenthood.

There are always lots of questions you should ask your care provider before going into labor and delivery. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not know what kind of questions to ask that will best support your education. Try asking these five questions to your midwife during your next prenatal appointment!

Questions To Ask Your Midwife

1. Can I eat and drink during labor? 

There are different philosophies surrounding this question, so it is necessary to know ahead of time what best suits your needs. At Birth Center Stone Oak, we encourage women to eat and drink during labor to stay hydrated and energized to progress through the process.

2. How many people can I have in the delivery room? 

Some places may only allow for 1-2 people in the delivery room at a time to help with overcrowding. At our center, you have the option to choose whomever you would like to have inside your spacious birth suite. We encourage and support all family and friends’ involvement in the process if requested by the mother. Birth Center Stone Oak also offers a designated family lounge for family and guests to wait in comfort.

3. Will I be able to walk around while I am in labor?

Most birth centers will encourage you to walk around when you are in labor to progress your baby down the birth canal. At our center, you can choose to lie in bed with your partner, walk, talk, or relax in the tub.

4. How will I know it’s time to head to the birth center?

Every labor experience is different, and labor can start in many different ways. Some of the most common signs are the baby dropping down into the pelvis, bursts of energy, rupture of membranes or “water breaking,” and regular contractions. You can read more about labor signs in our blog post. “How Do I Know When I am in Labor?”

5. How can my midwife help me handle the pains of labor?

Midwives have a variety of techniques to help women cope with labor. Some of those strategies are movement, massage, water immersion, or relaxation techniques through essential oils or breathing exercises. Women are often surprised at their strength and how capable they can be of dealing effectively with the discomfort of labor in a supportive environment. We give women space to birth in their own way and make their own choices.

Building a strong relationship with your care team facilitates trust and a more comfortable environment. If you would like to learn more about our care, give us a call at 210.481.7549 or send us a message!