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Interview Questions To Ask Potential Midwives

Making a choice about which healthcare provider to work with during your pregnancy is such an important one. You shouldn't choose a doctor because that's who everyone else sees or give birth in a particular hospital because that's where everyone else goes. This is an extremely personal choice that you should make after lots of [...]

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Preparing For Baby: Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Oh, Baby! Congratulations to you as you begin this journey toward motherhood. Before you can take care of your new baby, you need to take care of yourself and your unborn child. We know there is a lot of advice out there and tons of varying opinions on what you can and cannot do to [...]

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Pregnancy Myths Debunked

With so many do's and don'ts related to pregnancy, it can be overwhelming to know which set of rules you must follow without compromising your pregnancy. You would never intentionally do something to harm your baby, but is all that "helpful" advice from every pregnant mom you've ever met true? It's best to consult your [...]

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Prenatal Yoga Poses To Ease Pregnancy Pains

Let's be real - pregnancy isn't all rainbows and unicorns. That tiny human growing inside you, the one you've loved since before conception, is wreaking havoc on your body. As the baby grows in size, so does your discomfort. Breathing becomes labored, your back hurts, and your feet are swollen and tired. While it's likely [...]

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De-Stress With An At-Home Prenatal Massage

Need to de-stress and unwind in a pinch?  Ask your partner to use these tips for an at-home prenatal massage. The benefits of touch and the relaxation of muscles for the expecting mama is proven to help in reducing headaches, backaches, stress, and alleviate sleep problems. Get Comfortable Have mom lie down in a comfortable [...]

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