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Preparing for the Possibility of Postpartum Depression

Every woman who has given birth knows that those final weeks and days until baby's arrival are some of the best and most difficult times of your pregnancy. The excitement and anticipation of meeting your sweet baby have you on an exhilarating high. However, many mothers find themselves in a deep depression after the baby [...]

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Benefits of Breastfeeding For Mom

As an expectant mama, you've likely heard about the many advantages of breastfeeding your baby. We know this is a very personal choice, and one you're giving a great deal of thought. But have you also considered how beneficial breastfeeding is for you, too? Breastfeeding Helps the Uterus Contract During pregnancy, your uterus grows immensely, [...]

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Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Giving birth is an amazing and emotional experience for mothers. Because of the intensity of these emotions and feelings, you might not quite feel yourself, which can lead to postpartum depression in San Antonio, TX. It is important for anyone dealing with postpartum depression to work with a skilled counselor to work through any issues [...]

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Advantages of Using a Midwife

When it's time to plan for your baby's arrival there are many choices to make, including the health care professional you wish to have deliver your baby. While a traditional OB-GYN may be a common choice, today, more and more expectant moms are turning to a midwife for their pregnancy and birth care. A midwife [...]

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Mental Health Tips For New Moms

As we discussed in our most recent blog posts, it's common for moms of new babies to experience postpartum depression, also known as baby blues. The sudden change in hormones, coupled with the weight of caring for a new baby while recovering from delivery, is both mentally and physically exhausting. Just as your baby needs [...]

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Postpartum Depression: What Are the Baby Blues?

Have you recently given birth and are feeling stressed, sad, anxious, lonely, or moody since the arrival of your newborn? This may be the result of "baby blues." It's not uncommon for new moms to experience this form of postpartum depression in the first few days or weeks after delivery. In fact, baby blues affects [...]

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The Importance of Postpartum Care For New Moms

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion. Seeing those tiny fingers and toes, smelling that new baby smell, and holding your baby in your arms for the first time are all magical experiences that every parent treasures. But for mom, welcoming a new baby is an overwhelming experience, whether it's her [...]

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