Our midwives realize that many people have a lot of fears concerning birth. Honestly, many of the interventions commonly used in hospitals have side effects that result in more interventions. Most of the time, birth is perfectly safe and few interventions are needed; however, when a birth related situation requires attention our skilled midwives are the best in the industry. Emergencies can present themselves in any birth location, both in and out of hospital. Our experience has proven that fewer emergencies happen with less intervention, such as induction with pitocin and epidurals.

In the case of a mom bleeding too much after birth, midwives are trained to administer herbs, medication and IV fluids to ease the bleeding. If the baby has breathing issues, midwives are required, through their licensure, to be certified in neonatal resuscitation and therefore are qualified to aid the baby if this situation arises. Midwives also have oxygen available at every birth. If a transfer due to preterm labor occurs, a midwife will ensure a smooth transfer to your hospital of choice and will support you through the process. If any other situation arises in which a hospital transfer is necessary or requested by the client, a midwife or birth attendant will accompany the client to the hospital to transfer care.