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Birth Center Stone Oak Meets Demand for Natural Childbirth in San Antonio

Birth Center Stone Oak is fulfilling the growing desire for natural childbirth in San Antonio. Since opening in 2012, the Center’s licensed midwives have delivered hundreds of babies outside of a hospital. Birth Center Stone Oak, located in North Central San Antonio, is part of a wave of birth centers − freestanding facilities dedicated to [...]

June 28th, 2017|Birth Center, Midwives, Natural Birth|0 Comments

What Is A Birth Center? 5 Reasons To Consider One For Your Delivery

I like the idea of a home birth; I always have. And after reading books like Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Childbirth and watching documentaries like The Business of Being Born, I was further motivated to seek midwives and a birth environment that encouraged a more natural, trust-in-your-body approach to childbirth. And yet I just [...]

March 14th, 2016|Birth Center, Midwives, Natural Birth|0 Comments

What Exactly IS a Birth Center?

Birth Centers are Out of Hospital Birth Center Stone Oak is a standalone facility staffed with midwives. We offer prenatal care, birth support and postpartum care for low risk moms all in the same building. Birth Centers Have Low Intervention As a nonmedical facility, Birth Center Stone Oak does not offer pain medications but do offer a [...]

June 17th, 2015|Birth Center, Midwives, Natural Birth|0 Comments
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