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What You Need to Know About Delayed Cord Clamping

What You Need to Know About Delayed Cord Clamping Delayed Cord Clamping has become a buzzword in the birth world, but what actually is delayed cord clamping? Let’s break it down!  The umbilical cord is the structure that connects the baby to the placenta and helps transport all the nutrients from the mother to the [...]

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Skin-to-Skin Contact Benefits

Skin-to-Skin Contact Benefits If you’ve ever been present for birth in a birth center, you might have noticed how the midwife immediately put the baby belly-down on the mother’s chest. This is called initiating skin-to-skin contact and is best done as soon as possible after birth. What is Skin-to-Skin Contact? Skin-to-skin contact is when the [...]

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Lactation Classes At Birth Center Stone Oak

Lactation Classes At Birth Center Stone Oak Breastfeeding is one of the most important aspects of childcare and the greatest nutritional gift a mother can offer to her child. Breastfeeding has countless benefits for both the mother and the child. WHO recommends mothers start breastfeeding within an hour of the child being born and continue [...]

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Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches During Pregnancy You’ll experience A LOT of hormonal changes during pregnancy, and you may face some not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms associated with these changes. These include morning sickness, acid reflux, constipation, and of course, headaches. Are Headaches Normal During Pregnancy? While they may be bothersome, headaches during pregnancy are surprisingly common, especially during the first [...]

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